Brentwood School District responds to criticism following removal of trees

Some large trees were recently removed from the front of Brentwood High School, though some alumni had tried hard to save them. After 40 South published comments by one of those alumni, the school district responded to a previous request for information on the project.

Sam Rayburn, director of communications, said in an email that the primary reason behind the changes to the front lawn and parking area is to make the building ADA accessible. The front entrance and parking lot were not accessible before the construction.

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Also, the changes to the front lawn will allow new entryways that “meet modern safety and security standards,” Rayburn said.

He also said there are two misconceptions about the project, regarding green space and parking:

  • Once construction is complete, we will actually have more green space than we did previously. While we were not able to save every mature tree, the project will result in more green space for our students and community and more landscaping than is currently in place.
  • Due to the need for accessible parking spaces, we will actually have about the same or fewer parking spaces in number than we do currently. This will allow us to meet our parking needs while still making the important changes I’ve listed above.

One oak tree remains in the BHS front yard, as a result of construction work.

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