Brentwood teen missing following crash in O’Fallon

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and other sources have reported that Samuel L. Heisel, 15, of Brentwood, vanished from his home, according to Brentwood police. His car was found, crashed, in O’Fallon, MO, at 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

Police are searching for the teen. They said a suicide note was inside the crashed car.

“The vehicle was found unoccupied, however, there were suicidal notes found inside the vehicle,” police said in a release. “At this time, no one fitting his description has been transported to the hospital.”

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    Samuel “Sam” Heisel left his home in Brentwood, MO after midnight on Tuesday September 5, 2017. Around 7:00 ma police found the 2008 Honda Civic he was driving wrecked in a field at Old Highway 79 and North Main St in O’Fallon, MO. They found a suicide note inside the vehicle.

    If you have seen Sam or have any information on his whereabouts, please contact Brentwood Police Department at (314) 644-7100 or dial 911

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  2. Volunteers needed! Continuing search Friday, 9AM until ???. Please spread the word! Terrain may be rugged and covered in heavy brush. Boots, long pants and long sleeves are advised for those planning to search on foot. Find Sam Heisel Facebook Page

  3. On Brentwood Facebook Page WE ARE CONTINUING THE SEARCH FOR SAM HEISEL. Below are details on volunteering today, September 7th. Thank you to everyone! Please share this post.
    We will meet at 9 a.m. in the Hope Bible Church parking lot. We have 1/2 mile grids that we will send 2 to 4 people to search at a time. Searching is our primary need right now, but please know that a lot of the terrain is very rugged and much is covered in heavy brush. Boots, long pants, and long sleeves are advised for those planning to search on foot. We are also trying to get word out still to people we may have missed so if you are unable to search on foot, canvassing the area by car and handing out fliers is also very much appreciated and needed. There will be someone in the church parking lot all day, so please come whenever you are able. Thank you

  4. on Facebook Thank you to everyone who helped look for Sam today and sent well wishes. There were many people, dogs, and helicopters involved. We did not find him. The search process is evolving, but there will be a command center at St. Barnabas on Main Street in O’Fallon again tomorrow. We will coordinate with Brentwood Police and Eureka Volunteer Search and Rescue in the morning. My dad is staying at the site of the crash tonight in case he returns there.

  5. UPDATED 3:30 PM PLEASE SHARE — The O’Fallon Fire Protection District is suspending the ground search for missing teen Samuel Heisel. Thank you to all of those who volunteered their time today. This remains an active missing/endangered person case being conducted by the Brentwood Missouri Police Department. Please contact the Brentwood PD with any tips 314-644-7100.

    • Just going to guess it wasn’t his car and that he took it, which you could really do at any age, and that maybe he wrecked it because he wasn’t very good at driving it. But when you are suicidal, you probably don’t care that much about driving without a license.
      More importantly though, how is THAT your take-away rather than why do we have suicidal 15-year-olds and most importantly, where is this one? How can we do better as a society, de-stigmatize mental health issues, make health care more accessible, etc etc etc so that we don’t have teenagers so desperate that they feel like this is their only option?