Coming snack shop was top post

News of a snack shop coming to Maplewood led the list of last week’s most popular posts; followed by an existing Maplewood business looking at having its space cut by its landlord.

Last week’s top posts:

  1. Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood
  2. Landlord drastically cutting Maplewood shop’s space
  3. Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault
  4. Femme clothing store closes
  5. Liquor store to open soon on S. Big Bend
  6. Maplewood Police responds; stops speeders
  7. Concours Auto closing Maplewood lot
  8. Del Pietro’s in wall board stage
  9. No charges for Strange theft
  10. Maplewood officers jabbed with hypodermic needles while making arrest

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