Dispatchers, firefighters, EMS recognized after woman is saved

Brentwood Fire Chief Terry Kurten, at the Dec. 4 Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting, recognized firefighters, dispatchers, and St. Mary’s Hospital employees whose efforts saved a Brentwood woman in cardiac arrest on September 6.

According to Kurten, from the meeting minutes:

Catherine Hamer had collapsed and was unresponsive. Her husband called 911 and dispatchers Melissa Stites and and Amanda Lerch dispatched emergency personnel, obtained information and gave instruction.

Brentwood fire/EMS units determined that Hamer was in cardiac arrest. They took her to St. Mary’s Hospital, where she had a pulse and was becoming conscious and semi-alert.

Everyone did their best and the outcome was outstanding, Kurten said.

Chief Kurten recognized ECDC dispatchers Melissa Stites and Amanda Lerch, Brentwood Fire Department employees, A/C Ronnie Cottrell, Lt. Matt Stoverink, Lt. Dave Bruno, FF/Medic Tim Zeier, FF/Medic Marcus Herman, FF/Medic Scott Stevens, SSM St. Mary’s Hospital emergency Department, Dr. Neal Mangalat and Shirley Gastler.


One thought on “Dispatchers, firefighters, EMS recognized after woman is saved

  1. Thank you for recognizing the work of all of these people! The things they do every day affect countless lives, without the rest of us thinking about how much thanks we owe them. I live about a block from the Maplewood City Hall, Police, and Fire Headquarters, and every time I hear the sirens I stop and pray for the First Responders and whoever is waiting for their help. If others are so inclined, I think it would be a great encouragement to our First Responders to know they are not alone when they go to the rescue!