Dorene Olson: animal behavior consultant and trainer

My name is Dorene Olson, and I am a local animal behavior consultant and animal trainer.  I am a friend of Doug Miner; we met each other through a local chicken group that we both belong to. 

I am a chicken keeper and backyard agriculture enthusiast and am eager to connect with others through Doug’s wonderful blogs. In my daily work I see many different and interesting cases that I look forward to sharing with you.

One of my recent behavior cases was an African Crested Porcupine, who lives with a miniature house pig, and I spent New Year’s Eve with my Canada goose management working Border Collie, Quill, at a friend’s house who just has adopted two house rabbits who hopped all around the house.

If you don’t know the House Rabbit Society, we have a local chapter of this national organization.  It is well worth looking into Even if you don’t want to foster or adopt, there are many other ways of donating to rescue, and get to know a rescue bunny!

I’ll check in soon!

Editor: Dorene is happy to take any questions regarding animal behavior of any sort.

4 thoughts on “Dorene Olson: animal behavior consultant and trainer

  1. Thank you Dorene for mentioning the house rabbit society! It’s a very useful and awesome organization that is sadly, not well known. I have two bunnies that were adopted from them and my bunnies and I are members also! I appreciate you brining their name into the spotlight!

  2. Every day is a different day for me and it keeps me humble – many times I have to scratch my head and say: “gee, I’ve never seen that before!”. But a sound base in cognitive behavioural psychology and knowledge of animal behaviour usually sorts things out, along with a good dose of creativity!

    See that add right next to this post? I have a very dear turkey friend in South Africa who uses the term “picking” when she goes out antique hunting. I had never heard that before and thought it was a South African term. Apparently not. Such a small world, but for me, all connected through animals.

  3. I am very excited to have read this post and will be promoting The House Rabbit Society. I am an animal advocate and love reading and knowing about people like Dorene.