Bike trail still alive in Maplewood, 2019 construction possible

In an open work session before the regular city council meeting on Tuesday, Maplewood officials hashed over their priorities for a still possible Great Rivers Greenway trail.

GRG said in February that Maplewood had delayed the initial process so that it hit the federal funding deadline, but that the project could still be done with GRG’s tax dollars. Mayor Barry Greenberg and City Administrator Marty Corcoran met with GRG after that.

The council, minus Tim Dunn who was away on business, talked over problem areas for the trail. (Future Ward 1 council member Sandi Phillips, elected this month, will be sworn in at the next meeting.)

They discussed parking, street and trail widths, intersections, and the streets of Sussex and Oxford. No one on the council wants the residents of those streets to be negatively impacted. The route is to cross Big Bend at Oxford, and go up Sussex to Greenwood Boulevard.

At the end Corcoran said he would call GRG to find out the deadline for a response from Maplewood. Mayor Barry Greenberg said GRG said that construction could begin in 2019.

Sussex Avenue is one of the Maplewood streets that a proposed Great Rivers Greenway trail could go on.



3 thoughts on “Bike trail still alive in Maplewood, 2019 construction possible

  1. I would not be so opposed to bike trails if the riders treated others like human beings. All to often the bikers act like they are superior because they are on a bike and the arrogant attitude is not appreciated by anyone. They ride two or three abreast and prevent anyone from safely passing them. And if anyone gets hurt it is the automobiles fault not the rude bikers. They blow through stop signs and even red lights and the police never ticket them. Last I heard they are required to obey the rules of the road just like an auto is. Guess we have a double standard going on here. Bikers are above the law!

  2. Hoping the council won’t screw this one up with impossible demands this time. You aren’t fooling anyone by voting for something that has no reasonable chance of approval by GRG.

  3. would be nice if people would trim their sidewalks. trip hazard. looks terrible. have some pride people.