Group helping #MeToo individual who seeks a home

A group of concerned citizens contacted 40 South asking to help get the word out that they’re trying to find a house for a #MeToo individual.

The group is trying to help the individual relocate to a house in the Maplewood or Richmond Heights area, and say they can pay about $80,000.

Anyone with a lead on such a house can send an email to:

The #MeToo movement is against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

6 thoughts on “Group helping #MeToo individual who seeks a home

  1. Go to your safe place Jim and recover from my toxicity. I’m just looking for some clarification. Who is the “group” with 80k to give away on a free house, is there a contact person. Are they privately funded or a 501c3 you know like Lydia’s House, maybe I’ll contribute.

    What’s a “me to individual”? Someone harassed at work? A 8 year old boy named Jimmy who wants to be a girl named Karen and use the girls locker room at school. A 38 year old white woman who identifys as a black woman. Asking for several friends.

    Btw Mr. Completely came to be 10 years ago as I was Completely pissed off at Brentwood City Hall.

    • How about you just mind your own business boo? Making fun of transgender children to prove you’re not a troll. Pathetic.

  2. Me too would like someone to buy me a house.
    Prefer Ladue or Frontenac, will consider Huntleigh as well.
    So, how about it?

  3. In what universe does some group buy a “me to individual” an 80k house. How about an apartment for a year. Who is the group. What exactly is a me to individual. Asking for a friend.

    • What kind of person reads this post and then laughs at and belittles the person who’s at the center of it? To top it all off, your name is a pun on “Missed her completely.” This is straight up trolling, and you are making this blog a toxic place.