Group helping #MeToo individual who seeks a home: Update

A group of concerned citizens contacted 40 South asking to help get the word out that they’re trying to find a house for a #MeToo individual.

The group is trying to help the individual relocate to a house in the Maplewood or Richmond Heights area, and say they can pay about $80,000.

Update: The group is still seeking a house for the individual, and now says they can pay approximately $90,000.

Anyone with a lead on such a house can send an email to:

The #MeToo movement is against sexual harassment and sexual assault.

9 thoughts on “Group helping #MeToo individual who seeks a home: Update

  1. I wonder why it even matters to anyone. They are buying a house and just asking if anyone knows of one. If I’m reading the article correctly, they are not asking anyone else to buy the house or to put money in to buy the house. I don’t know why anyone is offended or making fun if a house is purchased rather than donated and maybe it is partially or mostly his/her own money. Maybe the $80,000 was his/her money and a few people in this group scraped together an additional 10 grand.

    And the article did not specify if it was a man or a woman. Maybe the individual buying the house has children or an elderly parent they care for. Maybe they have been abused in such a way that there is a need for anonymity.

    Thete just seem to be an awful lot of details missing for this level of snarkiness.

  2. This was disturbing to read. I hope whoever moderates this does a better job in the future. Nothing of use was gained. Nothing of interest happened.

  3. Go to your safe place Jim and recover from my toxicity. I’m just looking for some clarification. Who is the “group” with 80k to give away on a free house, is there a contact person. Are they privately funded or a 501c3 you know like Lydia’s House, maybe I’ll contribute.

    What’s a “me to individual”? Someone harassed at work? A 8 year old boy named Jimmy who wants to be a girl named Karen and use the girls locker room at school. A 38 year old white woman who identifys as a black woman. Asking for several friends.

    Btw Mr. Completely came to be 10 years ago as I was Completely pissed off at Brentwood City Hall.

    • How about you just mind your own business boo? Making fun of transgender children to prove you’re not a troll. Pathetic.

  4. Me too would like someone to buy me a house.
    Prefer Ladue or Frontenac, will consider Huntleigh as well.
    So, how about it?

    • Mr Completely obviously picked his name to cover up the fact he is more than a few bricks shy of a full load. I suspect that if the MC, dave and todd knew what the person went through they might not be so quick to mock the effort. Not that it’s any of their business in the first place. If a group of people think the cause is worthy enough to have raised $90K, how is that any business of yours?

      Why don’t you 3 go back to your lives of quiet desperation and be QUIET. Open another beer and turn on Fox and Friends

  5. In what universe does some group buy a “me to individual” an 80k house. How about an apartment for a year. Who is the group. What exactly is a me to individual. Asking for a friend.

    • What kind of person reads this post and then laughs at and belittles the person who’s at the center of it? To top it all off, your name is a pun on “Missed her completely.” This is straight up trolling, and you are making this blog a toxic place.