Heads up for helicopters

Helicopters with workers hanging from them may be spotted in the area.

The city of Maplewood reported on Facebook that beginning April 11, Ameren Missouri has contracted PAR Electric to work on high voltage lines running through Maplewood, mostly parallel to the MetroLink line, using helicopters.

Ameren’s taxi to the top

The work is scheduled to be completed within the next two weeks, depending on the weather.

City of Maplewood

4 thoughts on “Heads up for helicopters

  1. OMG that looks pretty dangerous. How are they grounded? How do they keep from being electrocuted??

    • A person gets electrocuted when electricity flows through them. If they were grounded, the electricity would flow through the body of the worker and into the ground, most definitely killing them. The point of the helicopter is to keep them from being grounded, which gives the electricity no place to go, thus not really having an effect on the worker.