Hopefully big rock is the solution to traffic problem

Last week Maplewood Police tweeted that drivers have been going over the curb to drive around this gate at the end of Hazel Avenue. The issue came up in a meeting with Taco Bell reps and neighbors on Hazel. It looks like the city’s solution is a big rock.

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16 thoughts on “Hopefully big rock is the solution to traffic problem

  1. I would just like to say that I love rocks. Good simple solution. Gary Lee’s got a good suggestion with his plantings idea, and a few more rocks would be nice. Maybe a little waterfall? Why not? Bend, Oregon’s cell towers are designed to look like evergreen trees, and blend in with the terrain. We might as well get with it.

  2. This is some hilarious NIMBY B—-S—-. Nobody wants to drive down your street anyway.

    How much thru traffic does Flora Ave. really get, even with all the other Big Bend-connecting streets as either one-ways or blocked off? Not much.

    Plus the houses on Flora are nicer, anyway. Maybe Flora Ave. residents should petition to block off their street with rocks and gates too? Why not?

  3. Maybe if it barked or growled instead of just laying there it would be more of a deterrent.

    • When Tim Hortons opened, the residents of that block did not want people coming down their street to cut through after going to Tim Hortons or the extra traffic to use their street to get to Tim Hortons.

    • Back in the day, most people got here by trolley. Maplewood was not originally planned for late night drive thrus or fast food joints. We have more and more of them now so actions like this are a means of keeping commerce traffic on Big Bend and Manchester and off side streets.

  4. Incredible. Some people have a lot of nerve. How about a bigger rock, like a boulder, plus some plantings? Make it look pretty. I’m guessing spikes are out of the question.