Huffer caught on video at Menards: KPLR

An alleged serial huffer (someone addicted to inhalants) was caught in the act on video by a customer at the Menards store in  Richmond Heights in January, getting high from compressed cans of air in the aisles, Fox 2 reported.

The customer shared the video with Fox2/KPLR11 and also with law enforcement.

In the video the man shake as he sniffs in the inhalant. He then laughs and screams and later bursts into an incoherent song, according to KPLR.

16 thoughts on “Huffer caught on video at Menards: KPLR

  1. He walked into traffic in front of me on Eager Rd last fall. I called the police on him and waited until they got there. He almost died and my child would have been in the car if I ran him over. It’s not addict shaming…. he’s genuinely a danger to himself and everyone else.

  2. too bad he can’t overdose by doing this. We don’t need addicts in society

  3. Why don’t the government buy him a house, give him medical insurance and food stamps, name a program after him, and give him all the money he needs to huff and puff.

  4. I understood them to say there is no law against huffing and he paid and left the store.

  5. How about instead of keeping arresting him over and over again, he’s allowed some kind of treatment/ therapy?

    • How do you know it hasn’t been offered to him? Also, how are you going to force him to go? He has to want to help himself, you can’t force your will on him.