Last week’s top posts

The Maplewood Shop ‘n Save closing and related discounts led the top read posts last week. Taco Bell signing a lease for a Maplewood store followed.

  1. Shop ‘n Save closing pushed up: it’s Saturday
  2. Maplewood Shop ‘n Save discounts go deeper
  3. Lease signed for new Taco Bell
  4. Heads up for AT&T equipment (U-verse box?) blocking Maplewood sidewalk
  5. New retail space in Maplewood
  6. Letter says money is missing from Brentwood PTO account, source says it’s thousands
  7. Who ‘poodle cut’ the shrubbery in Maplewood?
  8. Maplewood P&Z to consider permit for tattoo studio
  9. June Open Houses
  10. Ray’s Donuts shuts its doors

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