Maplewood business closing — what’s coming is “exciting”

Kirsten Caywood has operated her fitness business, Mirror Image Life Style Fitness (2718 Sutton Boulevard) since 2012. She’s closing the doors at the end of December.

She said it started to slow down this year. “It started to show signs, not to sound spiritual, that maybe this was coming to a close,” she said. December 29 will be her last day open.

Caywood said she knows what’s coming for the space but she not saying, and she’s excited for Maplewood.

“I know what will be taking over the space but I’m gonna let the new business owner wow and surprise Maplewood when it’s time. Just expect things to happen quick!” she said. “Maplewood is a great place to be. I really think Sutton is going to be something — it’s already fantastic.”

She said she was grateful to have stayed in business for as long as she did, and had some thoughts on being called a “self-made” business success.

“How on earth is your success self-made?” Caywood said. “When I hear self-made, nothing drives me more crazy than hearing that, because in a way that’s not being true to the process — the process of building yourself up through the help and support of other people.

“You might have the tenacity, and you might always be a soloprenuer, but you can’t forget you got here by other people building you up, and that’s why I was able to keep the doors open, because it wasn’t me, it was my clients,” she said.

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