Maplewood Chiropractor Works For Food

Dr. Bill Madosky of Madosky Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center has been spearheading a food drive around the holiday season for the last 17 years. However, this is the first year that his efforts landed him 169 pull-ups by preschoolers.

 It began when Madosky visited the Maplewood Richmond Heights Early Childhood Center and challenged students to collect food items throughout the month of December. Madosky sweetened the deal by promising to perform a pull-up for every food item collected by the class. This arrangement would have a two fold benefit by promoting fitness and providing an opportunity for young children to work together for a good cause. The result? A whopping 169 canned food items were collected by the class!

Madosky has already began fulfilling his end of the bargain by performing block of pull-ups at a time to put a dent in the 169 he’s committed to do. Overall, his food drive collected over 500 food items this year, which will be donated to the Immaculate Conception food pantry.

We congratulate the efforts of the MRH Early Childhood Center and of course, to Dr. Madosky, for his unique approach in combining his ongoing charitable efforts with his passion for promoting good health habits among our community, and for planting the seed of “giving” in our youngest members!

Visit Madosky Chiropractic and Acupuncture online or at their office  located at 2175 S. Big Bend. 

(Pictured below is Dr. Madosky and MRH Pre-K student, Jacob Swier, performing pull-ups and posing with the canned food items collected).

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