Maplewood council member stumps for for re-election

Jenny Schmidt, Maplewood Ward 3 Councilwoman is running for re-election on April 2, and posted her accomplishments and plans for the future on Facebook.

Hi Friends and Neighbors! I have really enjoyed serving as one of your Ward 3 Councilpersons over the last year and a half.  I am up for re-election on April 2 and would love the opportunity to continue to serve you.  Over the past 18 months I have worked hard to be informed on every issue brought to the council, big or small, and to ask thoughtful and challenging questions.  During my time so far on council I have:

• Traffic and Safety- Worked with residents and city staff to identify and resolve traffic and parking issues, resulting in the placement of solar powered cross walk signs on Marshall and Sutton, as well as speed bumps on Marietta, thereby enhancing walkability and safety on some of the busiest streets in Maplewood.

• Community- Participated in meetings presented by Maplewood Community Builders, a community organization dedicated to building an inclusive resident network, reviewed the results of their public safety study and researched their proposed “asks” of the city, and advocated for the formation of a public safety commission to hear residents’ concerns about issues of public safety affecting our community.

• Great Rivers Greenway- Researched and reviewed proposals by GRG to put a path in Maplewood, attended community meetings and listened to public feedback on the proposals and successfully advocated for a safety review of the three major intersections that would be involved in the path to ensure the safety of those walking, biking, or driving on or near the path.

• Fiscal Responsibility- Conducted a thorough line by line review of the proposed 2018-2019 budget, asked detailed questions about expenditures to ensure no waste and requested detailed information and statistics to determine the city’s personnel needs.

• Housing- Successfully advocated to set aside $10,000 of the Community Development Block Grant to help low to moderate income Maplewood residents with rent, mortgage and utility assistance.

If re-elected, I will continue to:

• Work with the community and city staff to make Maplewood a safe, livable, walkable, bikeable and driveable community.

• Work with fellow council members, city staff and the community to try to establish a public safety commission so that we can identify and address issues of public safety in our community.

• Ensure that your tax dollars are being spent efficiently and inclusively.

• Work to find ways to ensure safe and affordable housing for Maplewood residents.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at 314-666-0309.


2 thoughts on “Maplewood council member stumps for for re-election

  1. Great to hear of your plan to make Maplewood more walkable, Jenny. With so many commuters using our city as a shortcut on the way to and from their homes and jobs, Maplewood streets can be extremely dangerous for people who walk dogs, children walking to school, bicyclists and locals who just prefer to travel on foot around town. There are not enough designated crosswalks and not enough monitoring of drivers’ speeds as they cut through streets like Marshall, Southwest, Big Bend, Sutton and, of course, Manchester. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. What is Maplewood Community Builders? I haven’t heard of this before. Is it new? Who are the members, where and when do they meet? Are they working with the city or against the city?