Maplewood History: Historic Transportation Photograph Available Tonight!

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the last Dinner Auction & Awards Ceremony given by our Chamber of Commerce. 

As most of you know the Maplewood Chamber and the Richmond Heights Chamber have merged.  They’re now the Mid County Chamber and they have put together an event that promises to be a lot of fun. They’re calling it their Superstition Ball since it’s happening on Friday the 13th.

They have a very large number of really “hip” items that you can bid on and by buying know you are supporting an organization that helps our community.  It’s a great way to give something back.

As has been my habit for the last eight or so years (truly I don’t know how long I’ve been doing this) I have created a composite photo from my digital archive.  The theme this year is transportation in historic Maplewood.  Once again the wonderful folks at Frame of Mind picture framing have agreed to enhance my photograph with their top notch skills at their art.  And their practice definitely is an art.  Just take a look at how Mark’s skill put the finishing touch to this donation of ours to the chamber’s auction.

These guys at Frame of Mind are good.  The professionals use them and they know a good frame can make or break a photo, painting, map or what-have-you.  You should use them too.  They’re at 2900 South Big Bend in our fair city.  Their phone number is 314-644-4466.  And they are in an historic building!  The Parison Bakery.

I understand that for the first time the auction items can be seen online prior to the event. That is definitely hip.  So put on your all black clothes, go to the auction and bid up my and Frame of Mind’s donation.  Don’t be bashful.  Make us look good and help our town at the same time.

Mark of Frame of Mind displaying our offering to the Chamber Auction.  This picture doesn’t do it justice.  The frame is stunning.

Here is this year’s collage. I hope you can read it with whatever device you are using. The Maplewood logo is from the 1909 Plat Book of St. Louis County. All our map had was the word, “Maplewood”. I lifted the cartouche ( if that’s the right word ) from the map of Carondelet. Why should they get a cartouche like that and us nothing? The late Bece Fossey did the digital work for me as I had not at that time (2006, I think) acquired any Photoshopic skills. Bece was a wonderful gal. She was a principal along with Doug Kassabaum of the Sutton Studio of Architects. She left way too soon and I’m sure all who knew her still miss her.



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