Maplewood History: The Most Famous Maplewoodian of All Time!

I have no recollection of when or where I first heard or read about this person.  Many years have passed since I first learned that this person had once lived in Maplewood.  Quite a lot more time passed before I learned any more than that about this person. The first time I googled this person’s name it turned up very little.  Since then I have uncovered enough data to make me believe that this person is the most famous Maplewoodian ever!

Watch this space.  In a few days I’ll reveal details of this person’s life and how I came to the conclusion that this person is our MOST famous Maplewoodian.  If you’d like to try and guess the identity of this person, have at it. Here are a few clues.

  • I don’t think that I have ever mentioned this person’s name in my blog.  I might be wrong about that what with my memory being what it is these days.
  • This person is a towering figure in his/her discipline.
  • It’s not Bruce Springsteen.

I will award a free copy of my “Second Printing, Volume One” of my now legendary (by some accounts) “The First One Hundred Years – Maplewood MO” book to the FIRST person who guesses correctly (in the comments section below) my choice of the Most famous Maplewoodian of all time.

Watch this space.  I think you’ll be amazed.

16 thoughts on “Maplewood History: The Most Famous Maplewoodian of All Time!

  1. Where are your books being sold? And what is the cost? Thanks for publishing a book! Nora Cahill

  2. Bravo!!! Glad to know one of the winners. Just saw this. Great to remember Ray Kennedy!

    • Ralf is the winner!!! I think. Something seems to be happening with this WordPress interface. I saw some other responses but I don’t know why they aren’t here. Maybe Editor Miner can figure out where those other responses are?

      In my email I saw a response from Reader Tammy where she guessed one of the Kennedys (Was it Ray?) or PeeWee Russell. Hopefully I’ll be able to locate her response and determine who submitted the correct answer first. Anyway You’ll both get a free copy of my book. (I know, Ralf, you already have one).

      I want to check out some of the other guesses. King Parsons was one I was unfamiliar with. I have to figure out where those other responses went.

      I’m busy today so it may take me a couple more to complete my post on PeeWee Russell. He was so famous that I’m amazed that he was almost completely forgotten in Maplewood.

      Congratulations Ralf and Tammy!

    • Tammy, I searched for King Parsons who I had never heard of. Found out he was a champion wrestler for Maplewood High School in 1970. Advertisements for some of his matches as a professional wrestler turned up in 1981, 1985 and 1989. I didn’t spend more than a few minutes on this. Pee Wee had him beat. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • Maybe not the most famous but definitely worthy of remembering and adding to list of famous Maplewoodians.

  3. I’m not sure. I can’t wait to hear who it is though. I’ll stay tuned!! 🙂