Maplewood officials proceed on bike sharing, body cameras, bus stop renovation

Maplewood City Council on Tuesday approved purchasing police cameras and radar units, renovating the bus stop on Manchester Road at Yale, proceeding with a bike (or scooter) sharing program, and submitting a grant for backyard composting units.

Some of the items on the agenda:

Approved a resolution to buy 25 body-worn cameras for the police department at the cost of $38,695. There was a discussion of when the cameras would be turned on. Councilman Shawn Faulkingham said he’s not a huge fan of the cameras.

Approved submitting a grant to St. Louis County’s Department of Public Health for backyard composting units. One hundred composters would be available to residents at a subsidized cost of $20.

Approved spending $16,745 to renovate the bus stop pavilion at 7165 Manchester Road.

Approved spending $3,958 for two traffic radar units for police.

Had the first two readings to approve mounting nine small antennas on telephone poles by Verizon Wireless.

Had the first two readings to authorize a small vehicle sharing program in cooperation with Brentwood and Richmond Heights. The program would be for dockless vehicles, which could be bikes, motorized bikes or motorized scooters. The company or companies supplying the bikes or scooters would have to supply a fleet of 100 – 250 of the vehicles.

City Assistant Manager Anthony Traxler said the city has an application for a medical marijuana dispensary, and the officials talked about plans for how to be ready for when it can happen.

The council went into closed session for an announced personnel matter. The officials are in the process of hiring a new city manager.

5 thoughts on “Maplewood officials proceed on bike sharing, body cameras, bus stop renovation

  1. Will the bike share program be limited to Maplewood, Brentwood and Richmond Heights? Seems like they would go all over the city and county as the current programs do.

  2. Doug do you know the reasoning behind Shawn Faulkingham not being a huge fan of the body cameras? I’d rather not make assumptions. I am in support of the cameras and would like to know his thought process on the issue.


  3. Re scooters and bikes on sidewalks, only children 12 years of age and younger are allowed to do this, under State law. I don’t know if this law has changed, but there was a flap over enforcement of it on South Grand in STL City several years back.
    I’m pretty sure that the bike/scooter sharing programs don’t allow people under 18 to use these, but there’s nothing to stop a teen from using his/her parents’ credit card to use one anyway.
    So, safety will be up to law enforcement.
    In my opinion, it might be wise to drop the speed limit on Manchester to 25 (or even 20) from around Bellevue to Laclede Station Road.

  4. If Maplewood chooses to have a small vehicle sharing program I would recommend beginning with non-motorized bicycles. In a heavily pedestrian and traffic area a motorized bike/scooter moving quickly on both the street and sidewalk can and will be a safety hazard.

    • I agree with limiting this to bicycles. Mostly because it would be better for the overall health of our residents.