Maplewood residents feed 1st responders

Maplewood’s Vine Avenue residents on Wednesday hosted a potluck dinner for all on-duty Maplewood first responders at Patrick Jugo and Kirsten Jory’s house, resident Jackie Robb reported.

She said it was a great success. “It was great to be able to provide dinner for our first responders and have a chance to visit with them.”

Robb said the dinner might become a monthly event, rotating to different blocks.

4 thoughts on “Maplewood residents feed 1st responders

  1. Outstanding idea! Hope I can be part of the plan for the next one(s).

  2. What a great way to say thanks, meet and foster relationships, and be a community. Well done to the the folks who participate. Peace TKB

  3. This is really a great thing to do….Whoever came up with the idea….Thank you. We need to show more thanks and appreciation for our first responders. And if this idea spreads to other communities, that would be a wonderful thing to do!