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In 2020 Congress passed the CARES Act that allocated funds for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which are forgivable loans. But a substantial number of small businesses were not able to apply for the PPP before the program’s funds were depleted. Because of this, many Maplewood small businesses missed an opportunity for a lifeline in the form of federal funding during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. If elected mayor, I will work to ensure that does not happen again.

Recently the Senate passed the American Rescue Plan Act. When this legislation is enacted, it will consist of several provisions for small businesses which include PPP and grants for small businesses and not-for-profits. Maplewood’s small businesses and nonprofit organizations are an integral part of Maplewood and I want to help to ensure your doors remain open in our community. To that end, if elected, I will work with the City Manager, our Department of Community Development, and the City Attorney to establish the Maplewood Small Business Hub. I will also partner with the Mid-County Chamber of Commerce to assist in their continued support of Maplewood businesses.

This hub would serve only Maplewood small businesses and not-for-profits located in Maplewood by providing free grant writing services and a series of grant writing workshops. The purpose of these free grant writing services is to help your business understand what it needs to apply for federal grants that will come from the American Rescue Plan Act once it becomes law. I have secured JFY Consulting (, a grant writing consulting firm, to provide a series of virtual workshops that will address how and when to apply for the various federal grants of the Act. These workshops will be free for Maplewood small businesses and no charge to the City of Maplewood. I have also secured a grant writer, who is a Maplewood resident, to assist Maplewood small businesses with their grant applications. This grant writer is also providing her time to Maplewood small businesses and nonprofits pro bono.

I am solutions based in my approach to helping you and focused on your success. Should I be elected mayor, I will begin to work for you as soon as possible.


Nikylan Knapper
Knapper for Maplewood

6 thoughts on “Re: Maplewood Small Business Hub – Federal Grant Writing Services

  1. We all can dream of what we would like. Nikylan seems to do more than that. She sees practical solutions to existing problems. She has my vote.

  2. Wow, Nikylan. I love this idea. I have to imagine the process of securing these grants is no small feat, especially for small business owners who have enough on their plates already. It’s rare to find innovative ideas that have an action plan to make them a reality. These are the programs that are going to make a real difference in Maplewood. You’re going to be an incredible leader for our city!

    • Hi William! I hope you were able to reach out to Ms Knapper to find any answers that weren’t provided in her letter? I have found that she has made herself quite accessible to residents and business owners. A good place to start would be on her website:

        • Ah, I think I see what you’re saying. I *would* still recommend you reach out directly to her.

          If you struggled to find her contact info on her website, here it is: EMAIL – ; FB – Nikylan Knapper for Maplewood Mayor ; IG – Nikylan_For_Maplewood
          I mean. I suppose can see why you’d like more dialogue *here* though 😎

          Hopefully you can find one of those methods I’ve shared that works for you! She’s a pretty cool lady to speak with. Highly recommend taking that opportunity.

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