Maplewood woman shot, killed while riding motorcycle in St. Louis: Post-Dispatch (updated)

Police officers found Megan Nieder, 27, of the 7400 block of Gayola Place and Joseph Finger, 40 (updated with man’s name, per Post-Dispatch), following a shooting at about 1 a.m. in the 200 block of Bellerive Boulevard, near Minnesota Avenue, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports.

Officers found Nieder and the man on the ground, dead, after responding to a call for a shooting. A suspect ran off; police have no description of that person.

A police spokeswoman told the Post-Dispatch it’s unclear if they were riding the motorcycle when they were shot. The motorcycle was reported stolen in September.

18 thoughts on “Maplewood woman shot, killed while riding motorcycle in St. Louis: Post-Dispatch (updated)

  1. You don’t have to be a Detective to see that there is a someone shooting at people near Minnesota Ave. De Smet Assist Football Coach also was shot & killed . Not to mention Pat McVey, the owner of Maggie O’Brien’s case still unsolved. He was shot & killed in his car on South 55 near there last year . Come on City of St Louis . Get this solved !

    • You are so right. If there is a serial killer on the loose the STLPD needs to be transparent with the public and let us know in order to take precautions and help prevent another senseless crime. These victims were probably not carrying any firearms when this happened.

  2. My heart goes out to the families who have lost a son or daughter and to their friends and colleagues.

    To those of you who have taken this as an opportunity to grind your ax, please respect that lives has been lost and keep your thoughts to yourself. Your rudeness is inexecusable.

    • Thank you, Susan. I knew the woman, she lived next door. Megan was a sweet girl who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. And she was the BIGGEST animal lover in the world, always bringing “rescued” animals home, much to her mom’s dismay. My heart goes out to anyone whose life was taken suddenly. Oh, and my thought about any insensitivity displayed below, if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!!!

  3. Shot off their motorcycle while riding? Sounds like something out of the movies – Harley Davidson & the Marlboro Man…. STL is too dangerous for me!

  4. It is very sad that these people were killed. This girl was a Maplewood resident who attended our school district. I am saddened by this news and my heart is with her family.

  5. If the county merges with the city the county, the county will become the killing fields. You think old lady Krewson is at fault for the lawless in the city, I do. Why don’t the city elect someone who has gut, oh wait, she ordered the civil war monuments be removed, that took some guts. The statues are part of American history old lady and hopefully you were not there or were you. Civil War statues matter.

    • Is this satire? It’s so insane I’m having a hard time telling. Then again, look at the current state of the country. Satire has become reality.

  6. St. Louis. Ghetto capital of the Midwest continues to live up to its reputation. Sad what this city has deteriorated into. City government has absolutely no ideas on how to stop this senseless rioting and shooting.

  7. Brutal…. The crime in STL is out of control and no real police chief in charge. Thanks Lyda!

  8. Never go near a street, in St. Louis, that is named after a state in the U.S.A. Those streets are dangerous.