Merry Christmas, Maplewood

John and Pat Hendel, on Ellis Avenue in Maplewood, have again lit their house for Christmas, something they’ve done for about the past two dozen years. Monday night they couldn’t say exactly how many it’s been.

John said it takes him about two weeks to put it all up. When it’s not December the decorations are in their garage, attic and various other storage spots in the house.

The house is easily seen, to the southwest, from the intersection of Manchester and Big Bend.

John and Pat Hendel in front of their home on Ellis Avenue in Maplewood.

Pat and John Hendel in front of their home on Ellis Avenue in Maplewood.

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Maplewood

  1. Thank you for the JOY!
    We know it’s the Christmas Season, when your lights go on!

  2. John and Pat have always raised the bar for the rest of our block to try to catch up with; hard to do. Merry Christmas Hendels! You guys are the best.

  3. Your home was always a bright spot in the neighborhood, my daughters grew up loving your -home. Thank you.

  4. Enjoyed seeing the house lit up when we lived in Maplewood, his brother Mike is a nice man as well

  5. We would love to include you on our curated list of holiday lights in and around the St. Louis area! Taking suggestions from the community and getting permission from the home owners. The list is at

    Please get in touch if you’d like to be included.
    (You were on my list to visit, I just hasn’t gotten there yet, this was perfect timing!)