Miss Sheri’s closes

A Brentwood resident reported to 40 South on Tuesday that Miss Sheri’s Cafeteria in Warson Woods (9967 Manchester Road) has closed. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also said a notice of the closing is posted on the restaurant door.

A notice on the Miss Sheri’s website reads, “We would like to thank our loyal customers for their business. Unfortunately, our Warson Woods location is permanently closed.”

via Miss Sheri’s

6 thoughts on “Miss Sheri’s closes

  1. So sorry to hear this. We just moved here and went there for the first time last week and absolutely loved the food and the service.

  2. What happened?? I just called my mother and we both are really sad. They were a treasure not just a restaurant/cafeteria, but a meeting place. Really disappointed.

  3. Was just there last Friday with my parents, and thought it was pretty good. Pretty crowded, too! Jim B, Chesterfield

  4. We used to go when my grandparents were still with us and the kids were little. Fun for all!

  5. Remember I took my Mom there as her dementia was getting much worse, but she raved about the food & especially the pie! The short-term breakfast failure was a precursor to the ultimate closing – I’ve been there many times and for lunch and dinner, but it was never busy, the opposite in fact. Popular spot for seniors. Can’t imagine the South County location SW of Afton will survive much longer.