Brentwood firehouse being abated for mold

The Brentwood firefighters are bunking in the basement of the firehouse while mold is being removed from the living quarters ceiling, according to the city.

An investigation in 2017 determined that mold was present above the second-floor ceilings in the fire station.

In fall 2017 the city solicited bids for mold remediation services, and the board of aldermen approved the lowest bidder’s contract ($507,000 — see bids summary) on November 6, 2017.

The remediation process is expected to be completed by April 2018.

During the process the firefighters are living in the basement, which has been renovated to serve as a living space. When the firefighters return to the second-floor the lower level will serve as a new multipurpose space for the city’s use.

Below are photos of the firefighters’ current bunkroom and kitchen, courtesy of the city of Brentwood.



8 thoughts on “Brentwood firehouse being abated for mold

  1. When the assistant fire chief insisted the hoses be pressure tested inside the firehouse instead outside and some of the hoses burst could that have caused the damage. This occurred after Chief Niemeyer was forced to retire by his good old buddy Kelley.

    • How many more dollars in damages did that causes the city. Come on, someone knows. I am sure the firemen know. Have you all signed a gag order from bola.

  2. guys, this was all talked about in length at numerous Board of Aldermen meetings. They are all on youtube. Just search for “brentwoodmo govtv”. I too think this is a ridiculous and embarrassing problem wth this brand new building, but conjecture isn’t helpful for anything.

  3. how old is that building that it already has mold in it? Who was the builder? Any chance of going back to him for improper venting or bad roofing to make the mold grow? Hopefully it will not reoccur every 10 or 15 years.

  4. Maybe the mold was installed when they put in the Pat Kelly cornerstone? No extra charge.

  5. What happened that a fairly new building got the mold in the first place and to the tune of half a million?