New Maplewood restaurant set to open in May

Tapped, the new restaurant moving into the former A Pizza Story space in the 7200 block of Manchester Road, is set to open in early May, St. Louis Magazine reports.

Tapped will make use of the wood-fired pizza oven they inherited. Also on the menu: chicken artichoke sautée, bourbon-glazed wings, meatloaf, toasted ravioli with tomato-bacon jam, fish ‘n chips, and sandwiches, according to St. Louis Magazine.

The reason for the name – Tapped – is the 48 self-service taps. Forty taps will feature local craft beer, ciders, and nitro coffee; eight others will be dedicated to wine.

Ryan and Lindsay Reel, of Richmond Heights, are the owners.

25 thoughts on “New Maplewood restaurant set to open in May

  1. Circle 7 Ranch does this in Ballwin and I enjoyed my experience there. It’s nice to not have to wait for staff to refill your beer you can explore your own options on your own time. We are supposed to be a welcoming community maybe we should be good neighbors and not bash new business that has chosen to open in our neighborhood before you see it for yourself.

  2. Wish they would’ve opened A Pizza Story back up! That place was great and delish Pizza….Bummer it closed 🙁

    • Totally agree. I still miss that place. I don’t care for this concept, either, and think Maplewood has plenty of bars already. Still pining for A Pizza Story 🙁

  3. I’ve been to bars like this in both Kansas City and Denver and thoroughly enjoyed them. Both of the self-serve bars were packed when I was at them, so there obviously is a demand for them with some demographics. The self-serve concept is fun. It is fun to get to try a bunch of different beers (yes, bars will pour you a sample, but they aren’t going to pour you a small sample of everything they have on tap) and the lines are shorter because you don’t have to wait for one of the few people serving everyone at the bar. There were still plenty of staff members mingling around and helping, taking food orders, cleaning up, and cutting people off if they were too intoxicated, the same as any other establishment. I hope they have a long and successful run, and am thankful the first business of this type in the region is in our fine town.

  4. Can I bring my dog into the restaurant? He gets thirsty too… LOL

  5. So, it’s Saturday and I am waiting for Stringfest musicians and I saw this post in our newsfeed, as a general rule I do not engage in conversations on websites or social media platforms outside of the city’s own sites, however, I feel after reading some of these comments that there is a serious misunderstanding about what Tapped is and what it will bring to our downtown.

    First of all, I have worked with the Reels for close to a year. But long before that, they carefully researched the brand, what beverages they would offer, what foods they would offer and how they would serve them. I know they devoted a great deal of time and effort to this. This restaurant is a dream of theirs that took a lot of blood, sweat and tears to realize.

    They specifically chose Maplewood because they love the area. They are already looking into ways to support local not-for-profits.

    While the concept is “self-serve” there is a limit to the number of pours a guest can have in a set amount of time and there is a set quantity for each pour. Also, the menu offers an extensive list of non-alcoholic beverages.

    In my opinion, the Reels have done an amazing job of developing a plan that will make their business stand out in a very competitive market. They are also part of the community, they attend a lot of our events and frequent businesses in the area. I am confident that they will be an asset to our business community.

    Rachelle L’Ecuyer
    Community Development Director
    City of Maplewood

    • Thank you, Rachelle! I’m looking forward to welcoming this new restaurant to the neighborhood.

    • “While the concept is “self-serve” there is a limit to the number of pours a guest can have in a set amount of time and there is a set quantity for each pour.”

      Can’t wait to have to go recheck in and get my rfid bracelet unlocked or get cut off after two beers.

      If the foods good, maybe they can get away with the gimmick, but the menu also doesn’t look interesting:

      Based on all of this, I wonder if these two have any restaurant experience. To me, it seems like a plan from people who don’t know how a restaurant or the industry works.

      This self serve concept has been around for a long time and there are almost no locations like this in the metro area. When there’s a whole in the market, it’s usually for one of two reasons: there is no demand for it, or you’re way ahead of the curve. I don’t think this is the latter of the two.

      • I have an idea: don’t go. Just searching “self serve beer ” brings up plenty of results of restaurants/bars with success. Stop being so damn pretentious. You seem to have some kind of obsession with wanting them to fail just so you can “See, I was right.”

        • Believe me. I’m going to go. I’ve been eagerly anticipating it for months now.

    • It looks like they invested a ton into the space, especially the sign. That sign is slick. I hope they become a mainstay for a long time to come.

  6. pt that has worked out well in other locations, and in other cities. I’m always up for trying a new local place.

  7. I am looking forward to trying this new locally owned restaurant. I think it’s a neat idea to have such a wide variety of drinks on tap.

  8. Good luck to the new owners- can’t wait to check it out! Ignore the negative comments from people!

    • The police are told that they should be patrolling all of the city. So they will not necessarily be watching known places where alcohol is served. The reason for that is; who will stop to drink somewhere, where there is a police car? In our cities we want people to spend their money on drinks, but we want the people from other cities to arrest them. Maplewood is a FRIENDLY city.

  9. Man, I can’t get over what a bad idea this self serve thing is. If this was an actual thing people wanted, it would be in half the bars in the city. There’s a reason there are none. It’s an annoying gimmick. Any half decent beer bar will give you a 2 oz pour so that you can try something before ordering a whole pint….or a flight of different 2oz pours. I don’t want to have to get “checked in” to get a drink.

    I’ll go try it out and give it a shot, but mostly out of morbid curiosity.

    • How about we all go to the Maplewood city hall to make sure this place never opens and ruins our fine town? This self serve concept certainly sounds hellish and I can’t believe how stupid they are. I appreciate your insight and positive views.