Suspects ripped through top of Jeep to steal items: police

Austin L. Johnson, 19, of St. Louis and Ethan E. Walsh, 23, of Warrenton were charged with damaging cars in Maplewood with the intent to steal items.

According to court and police records, on March 22, Johnson and Walsh ripped the soft top of a Jeep Wrangler and prayed open the center counsel while entering the Jeep.

Johnson and Walsh were arrested on the scene and admitted to going through multiple vehicles to steal items. Johnson told police he was the lookout and that they had gone through multiple vehicles on Flora Avenue.

7 thoughts on “Suspects ripped through top of Jeep to steal items: police

  1. The dude has to come all the way down here from Warrenton to look for victims? Pathetic druggie… Good job to MW police for busting them in the act! Now catch that Bruce Brutsman inmate that is on the loose.

    • If the courts would slap them with a long sentence, say 10 full years (no early release) for a crime like this, then maybe people would think twice about committing a crime. Right now the system is a joke. The police seem to always do their part but the courts are broken.

      • 10 full years for breaking and entering. That’s quite a toll on the tax payers, don’t ya think?