Pastor’s accident, MRH PhD, BHS debate: in social media

Just a sampling of items of interest from Twitter and Facebook in the past couple days.

Maplewood Baptist Pastor Steven Moseley hit a deer, as he and his wife, Lisa, drove back to St. Louis from Chillicothe, where he has accepted a new position at The Baptist Home.

He said: “When you pray for a safe trip and get them, sometimes you take it for granted. On our way home from a great day in Chillicothe, Lisa hit a deer on I-70 traveling at 70+ mph. Neither of us saw the deer until it hit us. We were able to get the car to the next exit at Wentzville and got a tow home. Could have been so so so much worse! Thank you Lord!”

Maplewood Richmond Heights physics teacher Ryan Massey is now Dr. Ryan Massey, according to photos posted on Twitter this week, at @mrhhighschool.

Brentwood High School Debate has some fun before their upcoming weekend tournament. Photo on Twitter @DebateRhaug .

2 thoughts on “Pastor’s accident, MRH PhD, BHS debate: in social media

  1. Grateful for the minimal damage the pastor and his wife and car received! and the BHS Speech team has the key to success: fun and fellowship! All the best to all–