‘Puncture hazard’ on Commonwealth explained

A 40 South reader posted photos from Google Maps on 40 South Facebook wondering about the ‘puncture hazard’ warned of on Commonwealth Avenue in the Ellendale neighborhood in the city of St. Louis.

The sign and hazard were placed there by the property’s owner, Gary Tash.

He said in a rambling interview for 40 South in 2015 that he was tired of large trucks driving over his yard, so this was his solution. The sign warns of steel spikes that would puncture any tires. Pedestrians are protected from the spikes by pieces of plywood.

Tash is a retired physician who is now a skilled woodworker and gardener. See the 2015 article here.

4 thoughts on “‘Puncture hazard’ on Commonwealth explained

  1. Wow, I always wondered about those. I cannot believe the owner put those there himself. They are a safety hazard that should be removed. A yard is not more important than humans or animals being at risk.

  2. They’ve been warned. Understandable he doesn’t want his yard torn up. Some people don’t care, now they have consequences.