Richmond Heights City Council candidate announcement

Maurice K. Muia is running for Richmond Heights City Council representing District 2. His mission: “A fresh vision for us to build a progressive and connected community together for our children.”

Muia’s introduction and bio:

My name is Maurice K. Muia and I am running to be your next District 2 Councilperson for the City of Richmond Heights, MO. Please reach out to me with your ideas. Let us craft a fresh vision and build a progressive and connected community together for our children. I will be posting a lot of relevant topics throughout the weeks leading up to the election. Please have a look at my bio and get to know me better. If you are able to donate or volunteer for my campaign, please reach out to me directly by email or mobile phone. I look forward to hearing back from you all! Thank you for your time and consideration. Regards, Maurice

Challenges I would work on:

  1. Improve traffic and neighborhood safety —  slow down, phone down, hand on the wheel to keep you and I safe for today and tomorrow.
  2. Property tax relief for our senior residents so that they can live and age gracefully in their homes.
  3. Reconnect our four unique districts through nature scapes, bike paths and other green ways that meet the needs of all our neighbors and visitors.

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