Rosalie tree marked for removal

A week after a Brentwood resident’s mature oak tree on Urban Avenue was removed without notice to him, the city of Brentwood has posted a notification on a tree on Rosalie Avenue that it’s due for removal.

The stump of a recently removed tree — at ground level — was nearby.

At a meeting following the removal of the oak with the resident, city staff members and elected officials, it was determined that any future trees to be removed would be well-marked. No list of other trees to come down could be found on the Brentwood city website.

The tree marked to be removed.

The remains of a tree, near the tree marked to be removed.

2 thoughts on “Rosalie tree marked for removal

  1. Now this tree I can see being removed. Wrong type of tree under a power line. The notification however does not make things things right on the first tree removed on Urban Avenue. It was a mature, healthy Oak Tree which, when properly cared for, can live a very, very long time.

  2. Most, if not all of the dead wood in Brentwood gets fertilized at City Hall. Too bad a chainsaw can’t remove the blight that has infested “that forest.” “They want all the sunshine and can’t understand why the residents can’t be happy in their shade…” (RUSH)