Rush-hour protest planned for Brentwood Boulevard & Eager

The group, Indivisible St. Louis, and others, are hosting an ‘action’ — “This Is Not Okay” — at the fountain at Brentwood Boulevard and Eager Road 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, July 28, according to a Facebook post.

They hope to have their numbers to spread to all four corners of the intersection. They also say they don’t want to disrupt traffic.

The participants plan to highlight whichever “outrage(s)” they feel deserve attention: “TrumpRussia, nepotism, threats to our free & fair elections, emoluments clause violations, Russian hacking/meddling, Muslim ban, voter suppression, attacks on the free press, white supremacists working in the White House, the effort to take healthcare away from millions of Americans despite overwhelming public opposition, trying to roll back LGBTQ+ rights…”

They are planning to park in the Galleria south lot.



37 thoughts on “Rush-hour protest planned for Brentwood Boulevard & Eager

  1. So let’s read the after action reports on turnout and numbers of protesters, and comments about traffic disruptions and driver response if any. Did the Galleria allow protesters to park in their south lot or not? Any images of signs used in the protest would be welcome as well. Or did the angry, irritated activists just stay home and watch MSNBC?

    • Hello Matthew Peters, Much to your chagrin, it was a very successful action. We had approximately 200 people. Traffic was not stopped nor did we attempt to stop traffic at any time. Driver response was overwhelmingly positive- many honks and thumbs up were observed. Participants were protesting in a safe, convivial fashion and were law abiding. There were many signs at the action. Messages included:
      “History has its eyes on you”
      “Immigrants are America”
      “We won’t go back”
      “Dump Trunp”
      “OMG GOP WTF”
      “People Over Party”
      “Trust Women”
      These are a few examples. If you want to see what people are upset about, I suggest that you speak with a liberal leaning friend and engage them in discourse.

      We were allowed to park in the Galleria lot. No one, to my knowledge, had any difficulty with parking at that location. That probably has a lot to do with the fact that after consultation with local police departments, we were instructed to park there.

      After the protest I suspect most people went home to watch the multiple news channels that covered the event.

  2. I find it so interesting that so many people are riled up by people who care very much about their country, and their country’s future, and protest what they see as, perhaps, mismanagement.
    There seems to be so much anger. Is there no way for us, all of us, each of us, to see that we have a huge thing in common? Most of us seem to care very much about our homeland.
    Is there no way to start from that basis, and come forward together? We can’t give up on what we might perceive as “the other”, ie “the other party”, “the other sex”, “the other race”, “the other religion”, “the other culture”. What has happened to civil debate? What has happened to respect for each other, and especially those who oppose our personal view? How the heck can we get rid of all this anger, and put our energies into positive actions?

    • Civil debate died during the Bush II admin. Every loon in the country was hanging off highway overpasses and screaming “Hitler!” Bush tried to maintain the dignity of his office, and govern in bi-partisan fashion. Remember what that got him? What it got conservatives in general? Demonization, discrimination, and exclusion. And we saw that during Obama’s years, these same “protesters” couldn’t find a single thing wrong with the way things were going. The anti-war crowd was rendered mute by his awesomeness, despite the fact that he left a giant pile of droned corpses. So, Patty, don’t kid yourself. These people don’t care about the country, they care about getting their way through their go-to tactic; scream like spoiled infants until Mommy & Daddy give in.

  3. Keep it up kiddies. Go ahead and make life miserable for the normal people. This is how you get more Trump.

  4. Where the hell were all you people when Bill Clinton had affairs in the White House, and lied on camera to America about it. Then his wife Hillary bullied, threatened and pressured other women he messed with to be quiet.
    And what about Hillary? Benghazi, all the lies, the scandals, her railroading of Bernie Sanders?
    You people crack me up
    Such hypocrisy on the left. 🇺🇸

    • Dave, if Obama had 5 children with 3 wives, the GOP would have CRUCIFIED him.

    • They don’t have a clue. After there little time on camera they will go home and smoke some weed, I’m wondering if Brentwood gave them a permit? Can anyone answer that question?

      • No permit needed. We were on public property. We didn’t block traffic. We didn’t harass people. We cleaned up our trash when we left.

  5. God love freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly! No matter what you believe, it is everyone;s right to exercise these rights!

    • They should have crucified Obama for stepping all over the Constitution and doing a few other things I can’t say in this newsletter.

  6. What an idiotic idea…..Wonder who thought that one up. There might be so many different protests, that people will get tired of reading all the different signs. Well I hope the law enforcement will keep it peaceful, and not let them obstruct traffic. People are getting smart and driving right through them if they do…..and who in their right mind gets out in the street when there are vehicles on the road. Hopefully there will be some intelligent people in this protest not to stand up in traffic.

    • To my fellow patriotic resisters:
      Please join us Friday evening! It’s incredibly important that people in our community see and hear the majority of Americans are NOT OKAY with
      Voter suppression
      Policy by tweets
      White supremacists in the WH
      Foul language from the future communications director
      Undisclosed meetings with Russian envoys
      Inappropriate political speeches to children
      Barring transgender citizens from serving in the military
      Obsessing over political opponents
      Lying about crowd size at inauguration
      Lying about electoral college win
      Obstruction of justice by firing FBI Director
      Threatening violence during campaign speeches
      Dismantling environmental protections
      Personal financial gains from US policy decisions
      Not releasing tax returns
      Muslim ban
      Referring to immigrants as “animals”
      Attacks on the free press- a cornerstone of our democracy

      Need I go on? (Because, I’m sure I could). If any of these aforementioned issues are not okay with you, please join us in Brentwood from 5:30-7:30 on Friday. We want as many people as possible to participate in our safe and welcoming action.

      The great historian, and author of “On Tyranny,” Timothy Snyder, says this:

      “Practice corporeal politics. Power wants your body softening in your chair and your emotions dissipating on the screen. Get outside. Put your body in unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. Make new friends and march with them.”

      • Many will mock you for this. Not because you are engaged, enthusiastic, and committed to a cause.
        Because the causes you protest are absolute nonsense.
        People like you are a laughing stock because of your Trump Derangement Syndrome.
        I suggest to you that if your protest were about ANY of the following, you might earn a bit of respect from conservatives, moderates, libertarians, and anyone else disgusted with Washington and the sewer rats that inhabit it:
        * NSA spying on ALL Americans
        * An economy crushing, insurmountable debt being left to our children
        * A Federal Reserve that has destroyed earnings on savings and in the process bankrupted many pension plans.
        * A CIA that arms and funds ISIS in some twisted attempt to overthrow Bashar Assad in Syria, and in the process, aided and abetted the murder and displacement of millions of Syrians. BTW, President Trump correctly ended this program and his political nemesis, the “moderate Maverick” John McCain just voted NO to repeal ObummerCare as his way of protesting that decision by Trump. WAR MONGER!
        * North Korea launching ICBMs nearly every month, a capability he has because of Slick Willie and Obummer’s inability to stop their program over their combined 16 years in office.
        * Unenforced (until recently) immigration and border protection policies that allowed many thousands of drug cartel and gang members into the US to rob, rape, and murder, all while also getting food stamps and other freebies.
        * A former presidential candidate that approved the sale of 20% of the United States uranium reserves to a Russian government linked company.
        * A former presidential candidate that violated the espionage act by explicit acts of storing top secret information on a home based personal server, and deleted over 30,000 emails while under subpoena to hold and turn over.
        * A democrat national committee that conspired against Bernie Sanders
        * A former president and former secretary of state that were dealing arms to terrorists out of the embassy in Bengahzi and then LEFT TO DIE, Ambassador Stevens and 4 brave military members.
        * A former attorney general who met with the spouse (in secret) of a former secretary of state who was under investigation.
        * A former secretary of state and her former president spouse, who made hundred of millions of dollars from foreign governments including Russia, all while former SOS was in office and able to deliver on the pay-to-play arrangements.


        • John Burke – BRAVO and best response on this ridiculous article! I would definitely march/protest for something like this!

        • Too bad you helped elect a ineffective, whiny manchild to take care of all those problems. So much winning going on. Sick of all this winning.

        • Actually in the last presidential election the majority voted for the democratic candidate .

  7. It will be a nice Friday night – might as well protest something. Don’t know what, but that won’t stop us!!!

      • Mike and Scott- Indivisible At Louis (and the other 16 cosponsoring organizations) would love to have you! We’ll have signs or feel free to make and bring your own.

        • If infantile foot stomping and screeching at clouds and innocent passersby is your bag, come on out! Whatever you hate, we’ve got a sign for it!

  8. I would be interested to know if the Galleria management has granted them permission to use their lot. If they have, I will no longer be patronizing the Galleria. If they have not, will they be having the cars towed?

  9. Thanks for the head’s up. I will avoid this area like the plague Friday evening….