Shop ‘n Save closes pharmacy

The pharmacy in the Maplewood Shop ‘n Save closed permanently on Monday, an employee said.

All prescriptions have been transferred to the Maplewood CVS. One customer said she got a call from Shop ‘n Save about the change.

It hasn’t been announced what will go into the space.

13 thoughts on “Shop ‘n Save closes pharmacy

  1. On The Hill Pharmacy at the corner of Southwest Ave & Macklind Ave on The Hill is an independent, local pharmacy. Located about 5 – 10 minutes from Shop N Save. Worth checking out.

  2. Colonial Village Pharmacy is welcoming Shop N Save Pharmacy Customers. We are located at 7945 Big Bend Blvd in Webster Groves. We are only 1.5 miles (4 minutes) (depending on traffic) past the CVS Pharmacy on Big Bend in Manchester. Call us today to transfer your medications. We would love to be your new pharmacy.

  3. FYI You DO NOT have to just settle for CVS!!! I went to CVS to see what it was going to cost me for my medicines. Turns out that it was going to cost me FOUR (4) times more then I was paying at Shop N Save. I went to Schnucks at Brentwood and Manchester. My prescription had to be transferred from CVS to find out what it would cost with my insurance. Well guess what Schnucks Pharmacy was the same price as I was paying at Shop N Save. Guess I’ll be giving my shopping business to Schnucks. I would shop around and not just settle for CVS prices.

    • I echo that, Harold. When I transferred my prescription business to Shop N Save, it was because my provider had worked out very low co-pays with them, in some cases a zero co-pay. I asked CVS before I switched if they would meet the price and they were unable to comply. I hate to take my business out of Maplewood, but, Walgreens or Schnucks, here I come. Is that OK with you, Proud MRH Citizen?

  4. According to two employees I spoke with, they have been trying to put in a drive through pharmacy for quite a while and were having problems getting approvals from the city, so, said ‘screw it’ we’ll just close it. It was only this location of Shop n Save that closed their pharmacy.

    • This is not accurate- the Natural Bridge, Bethalto IL, and Gravois SnS pharmacies in addition to the Maplewood location have all been sold to either CVS or Walgreens. Additionally, they have reduced hours at 5 other pharmacy locations with the announcement of the Maplewood pharmacy closure. It’s clearly a Shop n Save Pharmacy problem not a city of Maplewood problem. The company is owned by Supervalu and has been closing stores and pharmacies around the country for years. Stop blaming the city without the facts.

      • I was going to say, how could they put in a drive-through in the Maplewood store anyway? It would almost have to be a free standing building in the parking lot or maybe a window on the back side of the existing building.

  5. So sorry to see the Shop ‘n Save Pharmacy close. The pharmacists were always so gracious and helpful and I understand they will be going to pharmacies in other Shop ‘n Save stores. I’m sure they had a lot of Medicare customers like us whose insurance company is Coventry. Coventry was purchased by Aetna and when we heard that CVS had bought Aetna, we figured CVS would take over all our prescriptions!

  6. I’m sorry to hear they closed. The pharmacists were the first thing you saw when you came in and were always nice and courteous.

  7. Really sorry to hear the pharmacy closed. We use it for all our prescriptions since they opened. We really liked the employees. The main reason we liked it was that it is at the front of the store. Easy to just walk in and pick up prescriptions ordered. CVS pharmacy is in the back of store. Hard for physically disabled people to walk to. So is Schnucks and WaMart.

  8. I had no idea either, obviously we keep a lot of prescriptions there as well and did not receive a call or anything in the mail. I had heard rumors that Shop and Save was actually going to try to put in a drive-thru pharmacy at some point but I didn’t think they would actually close their Pharmacy entirely prior to this that’s a good way to lose customers.

  9. Thanks for the heads up, Doug. I was at Shop n Save today, and didn’t even notice. I had plans to pick up a prescription there this evening, so you’ve saved me a wasted trip.