St. Mary Magdalen students learn at WashU

Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School’s 8th grade students participated in the Young Scientist Program at Ferrell Learning Center on Washington University’s Medical Center Complex.

The students participated in various activities increasing their knowledge in the areas of genetics and physics.

They performed a genetic experiment extracting DNA from a strawberry. The students learned the process of extraction using strawberries, shampoo, salt, alcohol and water.

“This is so cool,” exclaimed Brody A. “Now it makes sense,” as the DNA attached to their cotton swabs.

They also experimented with a slinky to identify different effects that determine the speed of sound waves. They were looking at relationships between wave length and frequency because wave length times frequency equals the speed of the wave. This physics experiment held the interest of all of them.

Principal Kathy Wiseman, said, “We were thrilled to get the opportunity to participate in this program and hope to increase our students interest and love of science.

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