‘Hippies’ study names Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Brentwood

According to a recent study, our area is a hot place for ‘hippies’ — in the top 10 in the state.

The website, Home Snacks, says the number of yoga studios, organic markets, and liberals in each city was used as data, and that the results are ‘spot on.’ I’d say that’s up to debate. Here’s the list:

  1. Shrewsbury
  2. Maplewood
  3. Richmond Heights
  4. Glendale
  5. Brentwood
  6. Olivette
  7. Ladue
  8. Des Peres
  9. Crestwood
  10. Clayton

9 thoughts on “‘Hippies’ study names Maplewood, Richmond Heights, Brentwood

  1. Lyrics to “Old Hippy” song–
    He turned thirty-five last Sunday
    In his hair he found some gray
    But he still ain’t changed his lifestyle
    He likes it better the old way
    So he grows a little garden in the back yard by the fence
    He’s consuming what he’s growing nowadays in self defense
    He get’s out there in the twilight zone
    Sometimes when it just don’t make no sense

    He gets off on country music
    Cause disco left him cold
    He’s got young friends into new wave
    But he’s just too friggin’ old
    And he dreams at night of Woodstock and the day John Lennon died
    How the music made him happy and the silence made him cry
    Yeah he thinks of John sometimes
    And he has to wonder why

  2. If we are doing songs how about “he’s an old hippie and he don’t know what to do, should he hang on to the old or grab onto the new” I think it was by the Belamy Brothers

  3. Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac. Little voice inside my head said” Don’t look back. You can never look back.”

  4. I’m of old hippie age. One day at work, in the corporate office, as I walked down the hall with another of my age, I wondered out loud where all the hippies went. She, in her corporate suit, replied, “We’re still here.” So, you never know.

  5. Shockingly enough, these “researchers” have something to sell. They probably don’t know what hippies are. Wasn’t it just a few months ago that somebody said Maplewood was a good spot for “hipsters”?