Fitzgerald, residents talk speeding

A small (around 20) but engaged group of residents met with Brentwood Police Wednesday night at the Recreation Center to talk about speeding and traffic problems. Police Chief Dan Fitzgerald invited residents to the meeting after receiving an increased number of complaints about cars speeding in neighborhoods. While residents want police intervention, they agreed that reworking traffic patterns and educating neighbors may yield the best results. “It’s the world we live in now days,” Fitzgerald said. “Everyone wants to get where they’re going in 1.6 seconds.” In addition to a perceived increase in cars speeding on residential streets, residents also voiced concerns about increased volume on neighborhood streets and the disregard for stop signs posing a safety hazard for children walking to school and people walking their dogs.

Speeding cars narrowly miss crowd on Rosalie

Two cars going 50 to 60 mph, apparently making a get-a-way from a suspected theft at the Maplewood Commons Walmart, speeded west on Rosalie Avenue in Brentwood as 10 parents and children gathered around an ice cream truck at the intersection at Swim Club Lane Monday around 4:30 p.m., according to three witnesses. Fortunately no one was hurt. Cindy Manestar, who lives on Rosalie, said her youngest son was on his bicycle to go to the park on the corner. He had heard the ice cream truck. Then, “a car just flew – I couldn’t believe how fast the car was going,” Manestar said Tuesday.

Where are cops making the most speeding stops?

Documents obtained from the Missouri Attorney General’s office show that in 2013 drivers were more likely to be stopped for speeding in Rock Hill than Brentwood, Maplewood or Richmond Heights. Through the Freedom of Information Act, KSDK News obtained records for more than 70 police departments in St. Louis, St. Charles and Jefferson counties showing how many stops officers made for speeding in 2013. The data is for the number of stops, not the number of tickets.