The Importance of Voting

Louise Charboneau is Ward 3 aldermanic candidate, Steve Lochmoeller’s campaign treasurer.

Thank you to Doug Miner (40 South News editor) for the opportunity to issue a last reminder of the importance of citizen participation in the electoral process—the foundation and strength of our country’s government “by the people.”

Recently President Obama floated the notion that “It would be transformative if everybody voted—that would counteract money more than anything.” Thirteen countries currently enforce compulsory voting, including Argentina, Australia, and Brazil. ( See Wikipedia: compulsory voting.)

I’ve attached the page on absentee voting from the St. Louis County voter information pamphlet. The rules for absentee voting are detailed there.

My initial concern was with the closing of the Brentwood Recreation Center on April 1—for as long as I can remember the polling place for most of Ward 3.

Candidate Wilson has offered a ride to the polls if you call (314) 560-7437 or e-mail him at For Ward 3, candidate Lochmoeller makes the same offer if you call on April 6, the day before the election, to the campaign, (314) 963-0565.

Lastly, I called City Hall one more time, to find that City Administrator Bola Akande and Parks Superintendent Eric Gruenenfelder have arranged to have the MAGIC bus available at the Rec. Center on election day to ferry residents to any ward’s polling place. The usual rules apply as to who is eligible—residents with a disability or aged 60 years and older. A large sign will be placed on the door of the building with these details.

Brentwood Director of Parks and Recreation Eric Gruenenfelder also emailed information on the MAGIC bus service on April 7 to 40 South News. For more information, please contact Dan Kornfeld at (314) 963-8683 or email To schedule a pick-up time, please call (314) 581-4842.

Also, thanks to Ms. Akande and the aldermanic board for the over-sized postcard mailer detailing the change to Ward 3’s polling place. (I think that the southern side of Harrison Avenue and the northern side of Litzsinger Road still vote at City Hall.) Always check the postcard mailed by the county election board.

Lastly, Alderman Leahy suggests that you not ride to the polls alone—check with your immediate neighbors as to whether anyone needs a ride.  A record turnout will gratify me and reward the candidates who have worked so hard.

Good luck to us all!

Any other reader with a view of the upcoming municipal election is welcome to submit an article for publication.


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