Theft in Maplewood, property damage in Brentwood

Robinette Patrice Chandler, 35, and James Edward Gordon, 55, both of St. Louis, were charged with stealing eyeglass frames at Crown Vision Center in Maplewood Commons on September 3.

According to court and police records, while Chandler distracted an employee, Gordon hid two sets of eyeglass frames in his pocket. The two then left the store without making any purchase.

When an employee realized the frames were missing she called Maplewood police. Police had a description of the car, and pulled it over a short distance away. Police found the two frames just stolen and a third, stolen several days earlier. The total value of frames found in the car was $917.

Property damage in Brentwood

George Baldwin Prescott, 37, of the 7300 block of Dale Avenue, was charged with damaging a screen door, patio furniture and decor in the 2300 block of Annalee Avenue by smashing, ripping and throwing the items on October 6. The damage exceeded $750. The victim arrived home to find the damage. Prescott confessed.


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