Thefts at Ulta Beauty store, Drury Inn

Police and court records reported thefts in Brentwood in May and June.

Taylor Marie Borick, 23, of St. Louis was charged with stealing $1,440 worth of merchandise from the Ulta Beauty store in Brentwood on June 16. According to police and court records, Borick put the items in a mesh shopping bag and quickly left the store, not paying for the items. Borick dropped her mobile phone as she left. She was identified via video surveillance of the theft. She was arrested two weeks later and confessed to the theft. She said she had sold the merchandise to buy heroin.

Jimmy Johnson, 25, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing  a MacBook Pro laptop computer, a Kate Spade wallet and a Kate Spade purse, valued at $2,500, on May 8. According to police and court records Johnson broke the windows in a Honda Pilot parked at the Drury Inn to steal the items. He also broke other vehicle windows. DNA analysis from blood found inside the car matched Johnson’s DNA. He denied any involvement in the theft.

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    • They come to 40 South in an email from the county prosecutor’s office, and are usually posted that same day. The delay seems to be in the legal system.