Waldbart Florist closes, to reopen in Clayton

Waldbart Florist closed at 7000 Clayton Road on New Year’s Eve, never to reopen at the location again. It was there since the 1960s.

The owner found out in August that the building is set to be demolished and replaced with a new Total Access Urgent Care business.

Waldbart Florist is set to reopen at 7801 Clayton Road on January 8.

Alex Waldbart Florist on News Years Eve, December 31 – the store’s last day at this location in Richmond Heights.

5 thoughts on “Waldbart Florist closes, to reopen in Clayton

  1. There we go again tearing down history to build ANOTHER urgent care. Strange when there are two other urgent cares less than 2 miles away.

  2. Sad to see Waldbart Florist leave the corner of Big Bend and Clayton. Will mostly likely not think of them all the way down in Clayton at the site of the Lake Forest Confections. Big Bend and Clayton will now be a busier corner with the urgent care and limited parking spaces. What about the existing businesses and customers that go to businesses where will they park? Will these businesses leave do to the urgent care?