Wong’s Inn future uncertain

Wong’s Inn, at 2666 S Big Bend Boulevard in Maplewood, is closed with a future reopening date unknown, if ever.

A sign posted last week on the door said it’s closed until further notice. According to a resident, the sign a couple weeks ago said closed until August 1. No one answers the phone.

The Maplewood city clerk said Wednesday the business hasn’t renewed its business license yet for the next fiscal year.

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11 thoughts on “Wong’s Inn future uncertain

  1. Wong’s was the go to for years but for the past two years it has not been as good. I think that St. Louis Kitchen gave them a run for the money.

  2. More like Wong’s Out. They had really good, cheap food that was my go-to Chinese food place until St. Louis Kitchen opened.

  3. I’ve been going there for what seems like 25 or more years. I hope nothing is wrong. They are only 1 of 3 or 4 Chinese places we like. They were always very happy to serve me and a few years back I ate there every two to three days. They seemed like a tight knit family. I hope everything is ok and if they need to that they reach out to the community!

  4. My favorite Chinese in the area as well. Their large vat of egg drop soup was my go-to whenever I had a cold. Big bummer, I hope they will reopen.

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