Work begins at old QuikTrip

Plywood doors and a full dumpster at the former QuikTrip location in Maplewood on Big Bend Boulevard signify that at last the building may be used. QuikTrip moved from there to Manchester and Big Bend on June 4, 2014.

QuikTrip real estate manager, Alan Renner, said two years ago he heard it was going to be a laundromat with possibly some additional retail. No word yet what’s happening now. Watch for updates.

According to the city, the work permit for 3010 S. Big Bend was paid for and issued on October 28th.

A dumpster was parked in front of the old QT Friday morning.

Photo from 2014

3 thoughts on “Work begins at old QuikTrip

      • We had two in the area in the past, one on Sutton and one on Big Bend. I am not sure why the one on Sutton closed, but the one on Big Bend is always busy and I am sure the people that use that one would be grateful to have a choice on where to go.