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40 South is back, it’s a work in progress

In the news40 South is back, it's a work in progress

Some of you have noticed that 40 South is back, and it’s changed. It went away in the first place because it’s based on a WordPress theme, and apparently these themes have a lifespan. 40 South’s was going on 10 years, which is pretty old in WordPress years, I’ve learned.

The good news is that when it crashed all the content from almost 10 years didn’t go away.

With the very kind help (gratis) of local WordPress expert Justin Kussman, and with contributions of all kinds from Maplewood history guy Doug Houser, we’re bringing it back.

We’re using a theme recommended to me, used by others who also have local news sites. As you can see it’s different, though with Justin’s help, it can be rearranged to fit our needs.

So we need to figure this out, and put things where we want them. For instance, the comments disappeared from the front — that needs to be fixed!

It’s a work in progress, starting with this post. If you comment, hopefully soon we will all be able to see it, not just me.

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