Tim Hortons opens in Maplewood: crowds come for coffee, Tim Bits

The first Tim Hortons in the St. Louis area opened in Maplewood (2721 Big Bend) Tuesday morning at 6 a.m. to a line out the door and full double drive-thru. Cars were piled up out to Big Bend.

Known for coffee and doughnuts for years in Canada, Tim Hortons is expanding in the U.S. with a lunch menu, and the Maplewood store is the first in the U.S. to offer it.

The opening brought some area Canadians for a taste of home. Michelle Dalton, originally from St. St. Catharines, Ont., now Wildwood, MO, said her family comes to Maplewood often for her daughter’s sports practice.

“We’ve been driving by all the time. I took pictures before it was open to show my friends in Canada,” she said. “It’s very good—same as home. Coffee was excellent.”

Ivan and Traci Wine came came from Tower Grove South.

“I lived in Toronto for five years and it was a regular stop. When I lived in Boston whenever we went to New York City we would go to Tims. So now that that it’s here—I’m here,” he said. “Incredibly busy, but I imagine after today or tomorrow it will be back to normal.”

Bill, Kline, from Chesterfield, said he understands that it’s a new crew and they’re overwhelmed.

“I’m happy for them that they had this kind of turn-out. It’s how we are, we like to try new things.” he said. “I’m not sure waiting 25 minutes for a cup of coffee is… must be really good coffee to make it worth this,”

The store will be open 24 hours a day, including the drive-thru.

2 thoughts on “Tim Hortons opens in Maplewood: crowds come for coffee, Tim Bits

  1. Cool for a new business to pop up in Maplewood, but I hope our residents don’t forget about our amazing locally owned coffeeshops: Foundation Grounds, Cosecha Coffee, Stone Spiral, The Living Room. Incredible coffee at all of those places too, and you’re supporting local businesses too. 🙂 #shoplocal