Alfa Romeo, Maserati dealership opens

According to a press release dated March 3, Jim Butler Alfa Romeo and Jim Butler Maserati dealership opened in early March in Maplewood.

From the release: The dealerships had been temporarily located at Jim Butler Auto Plaza in Crestwood while construction was underway for the new facility.

“Our goal is to provide the best luxury experience that drivers will find in St. Louis,” said Brad Sowers, co-owner and president of Jim Butler Auto Group. “The time is right for people to discover the thrill of being behind the wheel of an Italian luxury car. There’s just nothing like it.”

The Italian flair for design and attention to detail offered by these two brands are simply unmatched among luxury cars, Sowers added. The two auto makers offer models ranging from sports cars to mid-size luxury sedans to high performance luxury SUVs.

Jim Butler launched its Maserati dealership in Spring 2015 at a temporary location in Crestwood, next to Jim Butler Auto Plaza.  The dealer began offering Alfa Romeo models at that location in January.

The new location will also offer a large selection of pre-owned cars of all makes and models. The dealership will service all makes and models and will coordinate warranty work with appropriate dealerships.

The building, designed by M2 Architecture Studio and built by Hensley Construction, places visual emphasis on the tall, glass showroom as the jewel case, highlighting the cars within as sparkling jewels. Interior finishes are all high-end, commensurate with the quality of the vehicles within.

Full height, glass-walled sales offices, a custom customer lounge, and material selection areas surround the open showroom floor. The service center features eight service bays and a retail parts department.

The facility is part of Cozad’s Sunnen Station Development, situated at the northeast corner of South Hanley Road and Sunnen Drive.

Sowers said that Jim Butler’s staff will consist of product experts that will provide the top service that luxury car buyers deserve.  Services include personnel to help facilitate the purchase or lease of new or pre-owned vehicles, courtesy transportation vehicles and service options that include pick-up and delivery.   See all the new vehicles at and

Jim Butler Auto Group is one of the largest privately-held companies in St. Louis. The company generated revenue of $318 million last year.

5 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo, Maserati dealership opens

  1. We are thrilled that Jim Butler Auto Group chose Maplewood to open their Maserati dealership. They’ve been wonderful to work with over the last year and we have no doubt that they will be good corporate citizens in the community!

  2. The thing that alerted me to a potential tie to the store was the statement, “S Hanley has become the best place in STL to buy a luxury vehicle.” Not only would 99% of people ever say that out loud, but 99.9% of people wouldn’t write it on 40South. Certainly anyone is welcome to come to the site and offer an opinion and even try to push their agenda by including a link to their business in their name. However, trying to sell me on the utility of a car dealership based on additional business taxes without any actual numbers is a poor sales pitch. I would believe the idea that people go to lunch in the area while their car is getting worked on but it is fairly apparent the sunnen desert doesn’t offer much buildup. It would seem more likely people jump on the metro and go somewhere outside of Maplewood.

  3. Yes, there is a benefit. Parts tax goes to the community along with the new tax that the City of Maplewood has based on the volume of sales (Business License tax). So in fact, while sales tax goes to where the person lives, many communities, including Maplewood have additional business license taxes that benefit the community. A typical dealership brings in approximately 1,000 visitors in the community per month. Most stick around the community for lunch or dinner or other retail sales. It is a true benefit especially since S Hanley has become the best place in STL to buy a luxury vehicle. This attribute will attract customers for all Maplewood businesses.

  4. Can someone give a brief explanation of how maplewood benefits from luxery car dealerships like this. I thought sales tax from cars went back to the town/county that the buyer lives in. Does maplewood receive only the property tax from the land? Is there any benefit to having a maserati dealership in town vs. say, a chevy dealership.