Approximately 20 car windows broken: police

Maplewood police have reported that multiple car windows were broken on three streets over the weekend.

While on patrol, Maplewood officers discovered approximately 20 car windows broken on Weaver Avenue, Richmond Place and Sutton Boulevard at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Oct. 9, and began investigating and notifying the victims.

It appears the windows were damaged by BB/pellet gun(s); also that the cars weren’t entered, according to police.

Approximately seven car windows were broken in one block of Sutton in September.

Windows were shot out in Brentwood and Clayton also, according to posts on Facebook.


Remains of a broken car window on Sutton Boulevard on Sunday morning

11 thoughts on “Approximately 20 car windows broken: police

  1. Recently had four african american males checking cars on yale ave at about 2 AM. Neighbor called the cops and chased them off.

    They had apparently went car to car looking at the insides for stuff to steal.

  2. There were also thefts of items (including a wallet & purse) from cars along Kentland in Brentwood on Oct. 1/2.
    Apparently, the cars were not locked.
    Sorry for repetition if you already posted on this.