Brentwood School District gets top score

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on Monday released its annual report on the academic health of Missouri school districts with their Annual Performance Reports. Brentwood was the only St. Louis area school district to score a 100 percent.

Brentwood School District last year also topped the St. Louis area with a 99.3 percent score.

The Maplewood Richmond Heights School District again received high honors this year with a score of 96.1 percent. Last year MRH scored a 98.2, an almost five percent increase from the year before that.

According to DESE, of the 553 traditional public school districts and charter public schools in Missouri, scores ranged from 28 percent to 100 percent with a state average of 90. This is the fourth year the Missouri School Improvement Program 5 has released the scores.

Brentwood Superintendent of Schools David Faulkner responded Monday: “Although the district has earned all the points required by the state for full accreditation, we have set the bar higher than accreditation. We cannot be fully satisfied until the 100 percent represents the proficiency of all students. Toward that end, we all work harder to ensure that every student has the skills and experiences necessary to be successful at each grade level and in life after graduation.”

Brentwood High School Principal Ed Johnson also responded: “We are fortunate to have thoughtful caring professionals that pride themselves in delivering high quality customer service to our families. Our district shares the belief that a commitment of growing every student to meet their full potential is the highest priority.”

MRH Superintendent of Schools Karen Hall said in a statement that the school’s high score — for its diverse student population — is a result of the district’s differentiated and personalized instruction.

“Through innovation, unique programming, creative approaches, small class sizes, and wraparound services, we continually show that all students can succeed,” she said.

A district’s APR score is created from a wide range of data based on results from academic achievement, state standardized tests (MAP scores), subgroup achievement, high school readiness (K-8), college and career readiness (K-12), attendance, and graduation rates. The APR score provides a practical tool for the Board of Education, administrators, and teachers to identify strengths and needs in the District.

The top area school scores, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

  • Brentwood: 100
  • Kirkwood: 99.3
  • Lindbergh: 98.9
  • Ladue: 98.9
  • Clayton: 98.6
  • Valley Park: 98.6

2 thoughts on “Brentwood School District gets top score

  1. You should say M-RH lost ground from 2015 by 2.1 %.
    Time for M-RH to become part of Brentwood if they would have us. BIG savings to the tax payers! They have been tops in MO for a long time. M-RH has never been near them. The make up of the two schools are about the same. They also have a Football team! V

    • Thanks, Harold – I don’t like to have too much math or numbers in the copy. Don’t mind at all that you added it.