No charges for Strange theft

A car owned by a Strange Donuts employee, stolen from in front of the shop in Maplewood early Thursday morning containing about 500 donuts, was returned later in the day, apparently missing only a few donuts, according to a Tweet by Strange Donuts.

The car contained donuts for the store’s Kirkwood location — about 500.

Maplewood Police said Monday that a suspect was identified, however the victim has declined prosecution.

4 thoughts on “No charges for Strange theft

  1. Surely this car thief will get punished regardless. At least a few days in jail. Please follow up with this.

      • Assuming that there are no special circumstances involved, it seems to me that, by not prosecuting, the victim is allowing a car thief to be roaming the streets of Maplewood, and is just paving the way for more victims.