Car stolen in Maplewood contained 500 donuts


A Strange Donuts employee did Thursday morning what he usually does when he arrives at the Maplewood location, at 2709 Sutton Boulevard. He left his car running and unlocked in front of the shop as he picked up the donut delivery for the Kirkwood store, and took out the trash. On Thursday someone got in his car and drove off.

Maplewood police responded to 2709 Sutton for a stolen vehicle report at 5:23 a.m. Police say the running/unlocked vehicle was taken by a white male subject possibly having red hair, and the investigation is ongoing.

Employees of Strange Donuts said as the employee was heading to the dumpster, on the other side of Sutton, he saw a man — drunk (“hammered”) — walking around the corner at Manchester. The employee returned in time to see his car being driven “swerving” south on Sutton.

The car contained the employee’s wallet and “a lot” of donuts for the Kirkwood store — about 500 the they said.

The employees said they were sure the suspect was after the car. He had no idea he got the donuts too.

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  1. While I hate to read about crime in our city and feel a bit of sorrow for the guy getting his car and wallet stolen I have to ask “what were you thinking?” All you have to do is watch about a weeks worth of news or read a newspaper at the start of winter and one of the things talked about is don’t start your car and leave it running to warm up especially if you cannot lock the thing up. Not like it has never happened before.

    I feel the same way about folks who get their car broken into when they have an phone and personal computer sitting on the seat of the car. Why offer such a good excuse to someone who is even thinking of doing something criminal by giving him a good opportunity?

      • Who left the car unlocked and running Emily? We do not live in a perfect world, where we don’t have to protect our possessions or ourselves. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, so it is up to the individual to take that opportunity away. I am sorry this employee had their car stolen but they should have used some common sense. I wouldn’t leave a $100 bill laying out in front of my house and expect it to be there in the morning.

    • It was not, it was the employees personal car, we cannot fit all of the donuts we need to deliver into the smart car.

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