Clementine’s Maplewood plan falls through

The ice cream shop Clementine’s Creamery a few months ago had plans to open a location this fall in Maplewood at 7376 Manchester Road. Now they say they’re looking for a new location.

The shop told 40 South, through Facebook: “It has been delayed, need to find new spot.” No other details. Maplewood city is also in the dark about what happened.

The space is part of what was previously The Live Juke Joint Dueling Piano Bar. When the piano bar closed the space was subdivided; The Elmwood restaurant opened on the other side with a new door on Sutton.

Clementine’s Creamery had planned to open at 7376 Manchester Road.

5 thoughts on “Clementine’s Maplewood plan falls through

  1. What’s the deal with Red Brick? As a newer resident in Maplewood, I am missing context. Can anyone fill me in?

  2. As long as the building is owned by RedBrick, don’t look for the black hole rep to disappear. They don’t have a good track record of renting to long-term reliable businesses in that spot.