Strassner Bridge Construction


If you go to the mid county YMCA coming from Maplewood or Richmond Heights, you likely take Strassner (which is now closed at the Hanley Industrial Ct) due to bridge condestruction at Black Creek next to Memorial Park.You can get thru by driving down Hanley Industrial Court to Brentwood Promenade and taking Rose Ave (exit sstreet next to 5 and Below, that comes out at Brentwood Blvd). Other aalternative routes would include Manchester or taking highway 40 to Brentwood Blvd.Update: Talked with one of the construaction workers and they said th bridge should be open sometime Friday if all goes according to plan.


  1. Project was completed Friday Sept. 20. Hopefully it’s a precursor to another one to fix sinkhole in pedestrian pathway near bridge in same location on Strassner.

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