Electric vehicle charger ready to be used

Maplewood Community Development Director Laura Miller reports that the electric vehicle charger, at two spaces at the west end of the Marietta lot, are now operational. The spaces will be lined with green paint later this week.

The spaces are reserved for electric vehicles, with a two-hour parking limit.

Update: It was reported that both ports are not functioning, and the city is working to fix that.

3 thoughts on “Electric vehicle charger ready to be used

    • Let’s talk about how despite ICE vehicles being less efficient, far worse for environment, and much less efficient (~25% vs. ~80%). In addition to that, gas and oil has been heavily subsidized by the tax payers for decades despite gas/oil companies being amongst the most profitable in the history of the modern world.

      Put all that aside, and it still costs basically nothing to provide this service while being a major value add.

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